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Creating A Subdomain

What is a Subdomain?

A subdomain is a domain that is a part of your primary domain. An example of this is cpanel.hexanenetworks.com. Changing a subdomain would change hexanenetworks.com/cpanel to cpanel.hexanenetworks.com.


  1. Login to CPanel by doing one of the following: using the login information provided in the Web Hosting Information email or using the CPanel shortcut in the Billing Area
  2. Once you are in CPanel search for Subdomains in the search bar and click on the appropriate result.
  3. In the Subdomain field input your desired domain prefix, for example: cpanel.
  4. In the Domain drop down menu select the domain you wish to add the subdomain to.
  5. In the Document Root field input the location of the page you want the subdomain to link to, for example /public_html/cpanel/.


Example Subdomain Creation