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Creating A Redirect

What are redirects?

When you navigate to a redirected webpage it will transfer you to either a different location in that website or an entirely different website.


If you've added a redirect and it doesn't appear to be working, please clear your web browsers cache. If you have removed a redirect and it is still redirecting, please clear your web browsers cache.


  1. Login to cPanel by doing one of the following: using the login information provided in the Web Hosting Information email or using the CPanel shortcut in the Billing Area
  2. Once you are in cPanel search for Redirects and proceed to click on the appropriate result.
  3. In the Type field choose whether you would like a permanent or a temporary redirect. A temporary redirect will not update the users bookmarks.
  4. In the https?://(www.)? field select the domain or subdomain you would like to redirect from.
  5. In the / field input the filepath you would like to redirect from.
  6. In the Redirects to field input where you would like to redirect the user to.
  7. Finally in the www. redirection: field, select the applicable choice. If you're unsure, leave it as the default option.
  8. Proceed to click Add.


This for example, would redirect users attempting to access https://hexanenetworks.com/example to https://www.google.com.