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Changing Php Version

What does changing the PHP version allow you to do?

Changing the PHP version allows you to specify PHP version for the root domain or any sub-domains, doing this allows you to run PHP applications that require an older or a newer PHP version. PHP 5.6 and PHP 7 are the most commonly used - these are listed as ea-php56 or ea-php70 in the MultiPHP Manager.

What's the default PHP Version?

We deploy each web hosting account with PHP 7.0 by default.

How to change the PHP version of your website

  1. Login to CPanel by doing one of the following: using the login information provided in the Web Hosting Information email or using the CPanel shortcut in the Billing Area
  2. Once you are in CPanel search for MultiPHP Manager in the search bar and click on the appropriate result.
  3. From here, tick the box next to the domain/subdomain that you want to change the PHP version for.
  4. To the right of the panel click the drop down and select the PHP version you want to change the ticked domains/subdomains to.
  5. Example: ea-php56 = PHP 5.6, ea-php70 = PHP 7.0
  6. Click Apply.


Changing PHP Version

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