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Withdrawing Your Affiliate Balance

Where can I check my affiliate balance?

You can view your affiliate balance at the Affiliates page. This page also tracks stats regarding your affiliate link, as well as details regarding the referrals. As stated on the Affiliates page, you must have a minimum of £35.00 GBP in order to withdraw your balance.


  1. Navigate to the Affiliates page and if prompted proceed to login using your client area details.
  2. Click Request Withdrawal, if you are unable to click this you do not have the minimum required amount of £35.00 GBP in your affiliate balance.
  3. Fill out the ticket subject appropriately.
  4. In the ticket body, state whether you would like to receive your affiliate balance withdrawal in the form of Paypal funds or account credit.
  5. Please include any information relevant to the withdrawal method, for example the Paypal email to send the funds to.

Example ticket


Please understand that affiliate withdrawals are treated as low priority tickets in comparison to technical, pre-sales and billing related tickets. As a result of this, the response time is likely to be longer than normal.

What happens if I withdraw the money into my Paypal account?

It will be stored in your Paypal balance allowing you to spend it or transfer it to any banking solution you have linked to your Paypal account.

What happens if I withdraw the money into account credit?

This provides you with credit stored in your Hexane account allowing you to purchase other Hexane products.